Venezuela Rejects U.S. Insistence in Describing It as a Threat

Caracas, Mar 4 (Prensa Latina) Venezuela rejected the extension for one more year of the executive order of the United States government that declares this South American nation as an ”unusual and extraordinary” threat.

The Venezuelan Foreign Ministry issued an official statement denouncing the ongoing aggression by the U.S. administration against Caracas, with the sole objective of promoting and justifying the overthrow of legitimate and constitutional President Nicolás Maduro.

‘Venezuela has never invaded or bombed other peoples, has no weapons of mass destruction, has no military bases distributed around the world, nor has the largest military budget in the history of mankind, which could be considered a threat against any state’, the text pointed out.

‘Washington’s decree goes against the norms governing relations among civilized nations, it is another example of the contempt of the dominant U.S. elite against the most elementary principles and obligations of Public International Law, says the communiqué from the Venzuelan Foreign Ministry.

The text adds that the renewal of the executive order constitutes a crime of aggression and aims to increase political and economic pressures on Venezuelan society to influence the development of the presidential, state and municipal legislative elections, scheduled for May 20.

‘In Venezuela, sovereignty is in its people, no exogenous action will get to twist the democratic and libertarian will of Venezuelans’, concludes the statement from the Foreign Ministry.

The U.S. government’s determination, through its president, Donald Trump, continues the national emergency established by the executive order signed by his predecessor, Barack Obama, on March 8, 2015.

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