Venezuela Rejects Media Campaign of Opposition Leader

Caracas, Feb 22 (Prensa Latina) The president of the National Constituent Assembly (ANC), Delcy Rodríguez, today urged the opposition leader Julio Borges to carry out his political campaign in Venezuela and criticized him for making propaganda campaign from the United States.

In her account on the Twitter social network, the former foreign minister described as waste of cowardice the threats made by Borges, in the aforementioned communication platform, against President Nicolás Maduro and his intentions to develop general elections in Venezuela next to the presidential elections on April 22.

Through a tweet, the opposition leader said that the president ‘is’ committing suicide ‘with the mega-election proposal. ‘He has his days numbered,’ he added.

‘Mr. @JulioBorges in his exaggerated waste of cowardice threatens the President of the Republic @NicolasMaduro / I challenge him to return to Venezuela and desist from hiding in imperial pants. Come and do politics in Venezuela ‘, answered the president of the plenipotentiary power in the social network.

After refusing to sign the Agreement of Democratic Coexistence for Venezuela, resulting from the political meetings between the government and the opposition in the Dominican Republic, the deputy for First Justice to the National Assembly in contempt, Julio Borges, is currently on an international tour in search of support to achieve military intervention in the South American country, analysts specified.

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