Venezuela Receives Regional Support against U.S. Interference

Caracas, Jul 19 (Prensa Latina) Socialist leader Adan Chavez confirmed today that the delegations present at the 24th Annual Meeting of the Forum of Sao Paolo, held in Havana, Cuba, backed Venezuela against the interventionist attempts of ”U.S. imperialism.”

The Vice President of International Affairs of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), told the press that at the event of the Latin American and Caribbean peoples a joint statement was signed in support of the South American country, as a sign of permanent solidarity. From the Institute of Higher Studies on Commander Hugo Chavez’s Thought, in this city, the political leader pointed out that the forum strengthened the ‘real unity’ against the maneuvers deployed by right-wing governments against the sovereign countries of the region.

Chavez, who led the national delegation in the coordination mechanism of the Latin American left, indicated that it demonstrated how despite the financial sabotage and the promotion of violent actions in the territory by the national and international right, ‘they have not been able to stop the Bolivarian Revolution.’

The leader of the PSUV also stressed that ‘it is almost a fact’ the election of Venezuela to host the 25th Annual Meeting of the Sao Paolo Forum in 2019.

‘It’s practically a fact. We talked with several members of the Working Group and they are evaluating the request, we hope that they will soon formalize the decision to hold the Forum in Venezuela,’ Chavez added.

Between July 15 and 17, political parties, indigenous movements, peasants and Afro-descendants linked to the left debated, in Havana, key aspects to strengthen Latin American and Caribbean unity, and defined joint strategies to counteract the aggressions of the right in Latin America.

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