Venezuela Reaffirms Solidarity with Nicaragua in the Face of Violence

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Caracas, Jun 27 (Prensa Latina) Venezuela today reaffirmed its absolute solidarity with the people and Government of Nicaragua in the face of political violence aimed at undermining the Sandinista Revolution.

The Venezuelan Ministry of Foreign Affairs posted on Twitter the statements of its permanent representative to the United Nations (UN), Jorge Valero, who pointed out that ‘the use of violence and terrorism by factors linked to the right constitutes a format to destabilize democracy and disturb the peace of Nicaraguans.’

He denounced the ‘perverse’ political and media campaign that from abroad is confined against Nicaragua, and noted that the attacks are maneuvered by ‘internal pawns’ with the intention of destroying the achievements of Daniel Ortega´s Government.

The Venezuelan diplomat rejected before the UN the attempts to use the human rights issue to attack Nicaragua, while he urged the peoples of the world to repudiate the manifestations of violence and terrorism, as well as to support the inclusive dialogue promoted by Ortega.

Since April 18, the Nicaraguan opposition has promoted violent street actions against the Government, with a total of 194 dead, of whom 172 are men, 10 women and 12 children, according to the report published by the Truth, Justice and Peace Commission of Nicaragua.

The escalation of violence in the Central American country began with protests against government reform of the pension system, which was subsequently repealed.

However, these sectors use the measure as an excuse to unleash violence against the people, with the ultimate goal of creating a coup d’état.

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