Venezuela Readying Its Mightiest Force to Repel Aggression

Caracas, Mar 19 (Prensa Latina) Venezuela”s Government is readying its mightiest and fearsome force to repel an aggression against the country, the militia, Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino wrote in Twitter.

Made up of 300,000 members, the National Bolivarian Militia (MNB, in Spanish) is deployed across the country and it is feared by the US Southern Command who are worried about getting bogged down whether they decide to attack Bolivar’s homeland, according to comments by their own analysts, Padrino stressed.

In his twits, the Minister underlined the MNB is preparing fast to strengthen the system of people’s defense for peace.

‘They are neither soldiers nor special forces, they are men and women from the people who love their homeland and are willing to give it all to defend it,’ Padrino highlighted in one of his twits.

The Defense Minister showed a video in social media of MNB’s members carrying out military drills.

In December 2017, President Nicolas Maduro instructed the military high command to build up that force, and asked Vice President Tareck El Aissami to jointly coordinate with the National Bolivarian Armed Forces, governors and mayors to execute the commands for integral defense of the country.

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