Venezuela ratifies indigenous people’s rights

Caracas, Oct 12 (Prensa Latina) The Vice President for Social and Territorial Development of Venezuela, Aristobulo Isturiz, today ratified the rights of indigenous peoples to equality, and to ethnic and cultural diversity.

We also recognize the contributions of the original peoples to the construction of Venezuela, said the Bolivarian leader for the Day of Indigenous Resistance, which began with a ceremony in the National Pantheon in this city.

In the opening ceremony of the day, Isturiz recalled that this day marks 527 years of indigenous resistance against oppressive colonialist hegemony.

He stressed that many years went by for the country to change what he described as an unworthy definition that conceived this historical event as the Day of Race.

‘Commander Hugo Chavez decreed on October 10, 2002 the change from the unworthy definition of the Day of Race to the Day of the Indigenous Resistance as an act of vindication and justice,’ he said.

In Venezuela, on October 12, the Indigenous Resistance Day was declared by the government since 2002, in vindication of the struggles of native peoples against the violence of Spanish colonizers.

During the day on Saturday, a set of activities, political and cultural, are planned to honor the resistance of the original peoples against the greatest genocide in the history of mankind.


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