Venezuela Ratifies Civic-Military Union Facing Interventionist Plans

Caracas, Jul 13 (Prensa Latina) Venezuela ratifies the civic-military union against the hostile plans by the Colombian oligarchy, incited by the United States, which intends to intervene in the South American country across borders, President Nicolas Maduro said.

‘Our strategic concept of defense, our historical military doctrine, our plans for the defense of sovereignty, peace, and territorial integrity can only be carried forward with our people, together with our people, for our people,’ the president said.

Maduro made these statements during the inauguration ceremony of the National Bolivarian Navy and Military Aviation, held yesterday in this capital.

He emphasized that US imperialism is preparing provocations on the Colombian-Venezuelan border, to provoke an armed confrontation.

Facing those threats, Maduro asked the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) to guarantee territorial peace, and warned about a plan of the neighboring country to infiltrate paramilitaries that generate irregular events.

The president reiterated that the Venezuelan military entities are the shield and defense of the national dignity, and they are under the custody and legacy of the doctrine of Liberator Simon Bolívar.

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