Venezuela Is Willing to Establish Diplomatic Dialogue with U.S.

Caracas, Jun 24 (Prensa Latina) Venezuelan Executive Vice-President Delcy Rodriguez assured today that the government is willing to maintain relations of dialogue with the United States and the rest of the countries of the world.

Speaking on the TV program ‘Jose Vicente Hoy’, Rodriguez repeated that Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and his cabinet are willing to engage in national reconciliation and diplomatic dialogue with U.S. authorities and those from the allied countries, in a context of respect for the nation’s sovereignty and independence.

She condemned that the extremist opposition devotes to disturbing the country’s stability, with emphasis on the so-called economic warfare, and ignores the people’s will to defend peace in search of social balance through dialogue.

The vice-president recalled that at the elections on May 20, the Venezuelan people defended ‘a new paradigm for Venezuela, a qualitative step in the defense of the country and in the solution of economic problems.’

She stressed that Venezuela is destined to become an economic power, despite the repeated attacks by U.S. President Donald Trump against Simon Bolivar’s homeland.

Rodriguez noted that the triumph of the Bolivarian Revolution translated into inclusion, participative democracy and equality, in addition to taking again the path of the liberators to redeem the martyrs.

In that regard, she recalled the struggle by his father, Jorge Rodriguez, who was assassinated at the age of 34 for having socialism as the foundation of struggles during the dictatorship of the Fourth Republic.

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