Venezuela Is Not Alone, Ratifies the President of Cuba

Havana, Feb 23 (Prensa Latina) Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel ratified the island’s support for Venezuela at a time when the South American country faces threats of military intervention by the United States.

‘Venezuela is not alone. Hands out of Venezuela, enough false pretexts to cover sinister plans’, warned the president in his account of the social network Twitter, which has more than 98 thousand followers.

This Saturday, the South American nation is experiencing an escalation of tensions, before the attempt of Washington and its allies to introduce a supposed humanitarian aid without the consent of Caracas, a denounced maneuver as a previous step to escalate in aggressiveness.

In this regard, Díaz-Canel demanded the cessation of cynicism, because in reality ‘humanitarian aid needs impoverished peoples for so many military bases and so many imperial aggressions’.

The Bolivarian Revolution and its leader, Nicolás Maduro, insist that there is no humanitarian crisis in Venezuela and that the economic problems respond largely to the sanctions, the blockade and other hostile actions promoted by the United States, with the complicity of some governments of Latin America, including those bordering Colombia and Brazil.

The president of Cuba highlighted on Twitter the call of the largest of the Antilles to preserve regional peace and to reject the media war and conventional and unconventional wars.


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