Venezuela intensifies actions against Covid-19 with Cuba’s support

Caracas, Jan 18 (Prensa Latina) With the support of the Cuban Medical Mission, 44 rehabilitation rooms are operating today in the Venezuelan capital to attend to people who overcame Covid-19 and whose sequels are stll felt, Caracas Mayor Erika Farias noted.

The official pointed out that this is part of actinons enchrined in the Post-Covid-19 plan, conceived by the government to treat those cases, after health authorities detected a considerable number of recovered patients who suffered some disorders as a consequence of the disease.

Farias pointed out that the Plan for Research, Awareness and Prevention of Covid-19 in all 2,600 communities that make up the capital will also begin with the support of a health staff from Cuba and Venezuela.

‘We have started the Plan in all 46 Comprehensive Community Health areas and 736 modules of the Barrio Adentro clinic in Caracas, where there will be one doctor per clinic. The territorial research has started,’ he told reporters.

He explained that actions will focus on research to detect infected people, information and prevention plans for the population, prioritizing the vulnerable communities (persons with obesity, respiratory problems, the elderly and pregnant women).


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