Venezuela in the U.S. Crosshairs as a Socialist, Autonomous Country

By Cosset Lazo Pérez Havana, Feb 22 (Prensa Latina) Venezuela is the target of the US hegemonic interests not only for its oil wealth, but also for propelling a socialist revolution in the 21st century, said researcher Olga Rosa Gonzalez Friday.

The deputy director of the Center for Hemispheric and U.S. Studies at the Havana University explained to Prensa Latina that, although many attribute Washington’s obsession with Caracas to the so-called ‘black gold’, there is a symbolism marked by the courage of the Bolivarian country to commit to a progressive system.

According to the researcher, the Venezuelan government – with the slogan or the vision of being a socialist country – has won at the polls cleanly and the manager of the revolution, Hugo Chavez (1954-2013), won elections one after the other, as has also happened with the current president, Nicolas Maduro.

At a time when the right is regaining strength in Latin America, Venezuela has remained an important bastion of socialism in the 21st century and has used oil as a means of solidarity with countries in the region, such as Petrocaribe (an energy cooperation initiative driven by Chavez in 2005), she added.

Gonzalez pointed out that with Venezuela there has been a legitimation of socialism and it has been very radical as a revolutionary process in the speech. The leaders, while talking about socialism, are elected at the polls.

On the supposed humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, she affirmed ‘you are not staying in power based on repression. There is a social consensus around a nation’s project, because if you can’t stand, you can’t win at the polls in elections observed and legitimized by international actors.

Venezuela has demonstrated it is a social justice project, without closing the doors to opponents, because at all times Maduro has been open to dialogue or negotiation, she complemented.

The United States has not changed the policy, which has been adjusting the strategies to achieve its goal that is only one: a change of regime to have them in control, Gonzalez added. Days ago, at Florida International University, Trump predicted the end of socialism by assuring the days of this system are limited in the region, and mentioned Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua in particular.


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