Venezuela Faces Economic War with Political Aims

Caracas, Jan 14 (Prensa Latina) Venezuela faces today an economic war with political aims, according to the analysis of Venezuelan clergy, Numa Molina.

Under the title: ‘Venezuela: Humanitarian Crisis? Or Economic war with political aims, the Venezuelan priest says that ‘all those who live here suffer the daily anxiety of foreign threats from countries that hold world dominance and the suffering that generates treason of our own countrymen’.

The latter, he said, have been prone to ask for interventions and lately, even an economic blockade. In Venezuela there are shortages and this is in many areas. One of those factors occupies first place to generate crisis is the economic war with political aims, he stressed.

He explained that, as consequence of the economic war there exists the shortage of basic products for human consumption, personal use, medicines and daily inputs for the areas of transport and industry.

Due to the elementary law of the economy, we know that when a common-use product is lacking, consequently the demand exceeds the offer. In that weakness have the internal and external enemies of the Venezuelan government been hooked, said Molina.

In that circumstance, he denounced, economic groups that do not love the homeland and act generating international public opinion, to the point that news fabricating industries have sold to the world as truth the lie of a dictatorship that has the people starving and in misery.

But the truth is with that ‘dictatorship’ we have had three transparent election processes in less than six months, underlined the clergyman. How could a government legitimately elected in a ‘democratic state of law and justice’ as says our Constitution, be so politically clumsy to generate for itself a shortage that automatically reverts against the government itself?, he asked.

In another part of his analysis, Molina agrees with a UN expert in issues of Human Rights, Alfred de Sayaz, who affirmed recently after his visit, there is no humanitarian crisis in Venezuela ‘there may be anxiety, anguish, insecurity and in some sectors, great shortage’.

In another part of his comments on the situation the country is living, Molina said that if Pope Francis describes the present economy as ‘an economy that kills’ this that impose on us from Dollartoday, is ‘criminal and genocide’.

Molina also describes as ‘miserable’ the conduct of some Venezuelans who even ‘go abroad to implore the United States and the European Union to block our economy and then those same figures catalogue the action as an act of heroism’.

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