Venezuela Denounces New U.S. Conspiracy Plans

Caracas, Dec 10 (Prensa Latina) Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro denounced new aggression plans gestated from the United States as part of the campaign currently being deployed by right-wing sectors against his government.

This project is organized by the White House, in an attempt to disrupt the democratic life of the nation and promote a coup d’état against the constitutional, democratic and free government of the country, the president emphasized this Sunday in statements to the press.

‘Whoever contravenes the Constitution will meet us face to face. Venezuelans want peace, improvement, tranquility, prosperity, happiness’, Maduro said.

The president recalled, thus, the failed assassination attempt perpetrated against the high political-military command of the nation last August, during the celebration of the Bolivarian National Guard’s 81 years in the central Bolivar Avenue, in Caracas.

The action, aimed at detonating two drones near the podium, was unknown to Washington and other Latin American governments despite evidence presented by the Caracas Executive.

The terrorists involved would receive 50 million dollars and stay on U.S. territory, the head of state also recalled, while announcing that the details of the new destabilizing actions will soon be disclosed in a press conference.

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