Venezuela denounces constant US harassment to Latin America

FotosPL: Yolaidy Martínez

Beijing, Jan 17 (Prensa Latina) Venezuela denounced today in China that the United States permanently harasses Latin America and the Caribbean because it wants to take control of their natural resources and install governments to guarantee its domination interests.

Speaking with the media, Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza said that this region is a constant target of attempted coups, destabilization, terrorism, communication war, and economic, commercial, and banking blockade.

He defined it as a continent in dispute between its sovereign peoples and the elite governing the United Sates, which seeks to have absolute control of resources like oil, gas, minerals, lands, water, climate, and lithium.

He illustrated this by referring to the situation in Bolivia and his own country in 2019, after the White House convinced several governments to acknowledge deputy Juan Guaido and supported violent acts in order to overthrow constitutional President Nicolas Maduro.

However, the legitimate president gradually managed to restore peace to Venezuela with democratic and peaceful initiatives, and adherence to negotiations to resolve the political situation, he emphasized.

The Foreign Minister also deplored that coercive sanctions and measures, like the blocking of bank accounts abroad, are affecting the population, with barriers in the import of basic products and the development of main economic sectors.

Nevertheless, Venezuela is showing signs of gradual recovery, and the government is working on alternatives with Russia, Turkey, and China to boost its foreign trade.


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