Venezuela Demands Respect for International Law from the West

Caracas, March 29 (Prensa Latina) Venezuelan Foreign Minister, Jorge Arreaza, demanded this Friday respect for international law from Western countries in the face of constant threats of aggression and interference in the internal affairs of the South American country.

In a message published on Twitter, the headline called for the defense of the Charter of the United Nations, in particular on the issues specific to each state.

‘Although it may seem incredible, from Venezuela we must remind almost daily several Western governments that they must respect International Law, as well as the principles and purposes of the United Nations Charter, including respect for the internal affairs of countries,’ the official wrote.

Arreaza’s statements respond to threats from U.S. allies, who persistently take aggressive measures against Caracas as anti-democratic mechanisms.

The economic and financial blockade as well as the terrorist attacks sponsored by U.S. imperialism have not ceased on Venezuela, he added.

The Venezuelan Foreign Minister also rejected the statements made by British politician Jeremy Hunt, who assured that his country recognizes the opposition deputy Juan Guaidó as ‘interim president’ and ignores the legal measures of the legitimate executive against the usurpation of powers.

Hunt also called for ‘free and fair elections to resolve the crisis in Venezuela’ in a message posted on Twitter.

‘The most curious thing about this type of comments full of colonial arrogance, contrary to international law, is that it comes from the spokesman of a country in which its people is the one urgently demanding that elections be called,’ said Arreaza.


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