Venezuela Decries Another Terrorist Attack to Its Oil Industry

A section of the Jose Antonio Petrochemical Industrial Complex, Anzoategui, Venezuela, Jan.17, 2021.

The attack provoked a fire at a gas pipeline station located in the Anzoategui department on Saturday.

Jan 24 (teleSUR) Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro Saturday denounced a terrorist attack aimed at disrupting gas supplies in the northern department of Anzoategui.

Maduro informed that the sabotage was carried out by unknown individuals in a gas pipeline section of the Anaco-Jose Industrial Complex.

The terrorist attack caused a massive fire controlled by the pipeline’s workers, who managed to close the valves to prevent the leak.

Although no human deaths were reported, two people were injured with minor burns treated at Jose Complex’s Industrial Clinic.

“Cowards, terrorists, but our greatest satisfaction against all of them is that the humble people on foot, those people are victorious,” Maduro said to condemn the attack.

Last year, Maduro also denounced a missile attack on the Amuay oil industry, the country’s largest refinery in the Falcon department.

 “Venezuela is facing plots and permanent conspiracy against our life, our strategic industry, the electric service, the refineries, the oil industry,” he said.

On Saturday, a large-scale corruption scheme was denounced by Parliament chairman Jorge Rodriguez who revealed secret negotiations conducted by opposition politician Juan Guaido to cancel the almost US$273 million debt acquired by Paraguay’s oil company (PETROPAR) with Venezuelan oil company (PDVSA).

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