Venezuela Condemns Germany’s Subordination to U.S. Hostility

Caracas, Oct 11 (Prensa Latina) Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza has denounced on Thursday the subordination of German Chancellor Angela Merkel to the hostile policy promoted by the United States against the South American nation.

Through Twitter, the Minister described it as regrettable that Merkel ‘is so obviously subordinated to the (Donald) Trump administration and its satellite governments in Latin America, in the obsessive and desperate effort to attack and block the economy and people of Venezuela.

‘The German Chancellor insists on interventionist and hostile actions against Venezuela. We demand that the German government respect our institutions, our sovereignty and comply with the most elementary obligations of international law,’ Arreaza said.

The Foreign Minister stated that ‘if Germany really wanted to help Venezuela, it would raise its powerful and influential voice in the world to demand an end to the criminal unilateral coercive measures and the inclement economic blockade that directly affects the Venezuelan people.

Merkel announced on Wednesday in a meeting with Chilean President Sebastian Piñera a more active role for her country in the search for a solution to what she called the ‘dramatic crisis’ plaguing Venezuelans, according to press reports.

In previous days, the Head of Government received the former deputy of the National Assembly (Parliament) in contempt Julio Borges – implicated in the attempted assassination against President Nicolas Maduro – on which occasion she promised to ‘defend democracy in Venezuela’.


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