Venezuela Close to Deliver 2.1 Million Homes

Caracas, May 29 (Prensa Latina) Ildemaro Villarroel, Venezuela’s Minister of Habitat and Housing, indicated today the Bolivarian government is approaching the figure of 2.1 million homes delivered to an equal number of needy families.

During the weekly report of the organization, transmitted by Venezolana de Television, the Minister remarked that so far a total of 2 million 98, 11 houses have been built as part of the Great Mission Vivienda Venezuela.

Villarroel highlighted the granting of 999,545 urban land titles, as well as the rehabilitation of 678,193 units of the housing fund through the government initiative Barrio Nuevo Tricolor, a social program which will also enter a phase of re-invigoration to extend its reach.

In recent statements to the press, Villarroel said progress is being made in the construction of 14,481 works executed with financing backed by the national kryptonite, the petro.

The Great Venezuelan Housing Mission emerged in 2011 on the initiative of then-President Hugo Chavez, who expressed his commitment to build two million homes by 2018, a goal achieved by the Executive, led by President Nicolas Maduro.

The immediate challenge for the Bolivarian government is to reach the figure of 3,000,000 homes built before the end of 2019, with the aim of dignifying the lives of an equal number of Venezuelan families.

Among the proposals included in his government’s program for the new presidential term, Maduro highlighted the will to build five million homes before the end of 2025.

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