Venezuela and Cuba discuss oil cooperation mechanisms

Caracas, Feb 18 (Prensa Latina) Venezuela and Cuba are arranging on Tuesday the mechanisms of bilateral and international cooperation, acting as a solid bloc against hegemonic governments, Executive Vice President Delcy Rodriguez said.

Through her Twitter account, Rodriguez highlighted the brotherhood ties between the two countries and common interests, based on denouncing the aggressions by the US government.

During a meeting held on Monday with Cuban Council of Ministers Vice President Ricardo Cabrisas, both officials discussed the attacks faced by the US administration of Donald Trump.

About this issue, Rodriguez recalled that the official US spokesmen openly and publicly admit that they try to suffocate the economies of sovereign nations, with maneuvers that flagrantly violate international law.

The economic asphyxiation actions implemented by the Washington government have caused effects on binational projects in sectors as sensitive as health and education, among others.

As part of that alliance, exchange projects were so far signed, with emphasis on health services, supplies of medicines, advice and preparation of human resources in educational, sports, cultural and productive programs.


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