Venezuela and Cuba Are Together on the Path of Constitutional Reform

Caracas, Sep 29 (Prensa Latina) The governments and peoples of Venezuela and Cuba are involved today in similar processes to debate new Draft Constitutions that will bring citizens closer to the legal, social and political reality of the two countries.

In exclusive statements to Prensa Latina, Cuban Ambassador in Caracas, Rogelio Polanco noted that this consultation on the proposed Magna Carta from Venezuela contributes experiences, after witnessing a similar analysis made over the past year by Venezuelans.

‘As part of the previous effort to present the current Draft Constitution in Cuba, several experiences in various countries were consulted, including the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, one of the first documents that opened the horizon to change in Latin American and Caribbean countries,’ the diplomat underlined.

Polanco also pointed out that all the studied reforms were approved by vote with the people’s democratic exercise, and they contributed historic relevance to the revolutionary and transforming processes in each country.

The diplomat underlined that ‘there is great symbolism in the fact that the Cuban and Venezuelan peoples are currently involved in similar processes, and it is even interesting for Venezuelans the debate taking place in Cuba and its community working abroad.’

In that regard, Polanco explained that he has met with the Constitutional Committee of the National Constituent Assembly of Venezuela to share experiences about the debates being held in Cuba in this regard.

He highlighted the productive and respectful exchange about the characteristics of each nation, their historic conditions and the rights conquered by the two revolutions.

‘In the two realities, it is the people who have to determine, design and establish society, the State, as well as the guarantees and rights that citizens will enjoy after the approval of the new Law of Laws that we will build collectively,’ Polanco stressed.

Asked about the development of the consultation process among the large Cuban community that is rendering services in Venezuela, the ambassador explained that of the total of scheduled meetings, 584 have been held and more than 5,600 proposals, modifications, additions or eliminations were made, and doubts on the Draft Constitution were expressed.

Polanco described as transcendental the sharing of opinions and contributions by more than 21,000 collaborators on the Draft Constitution.

‘The comrades’ interventions show our people’s capacity to study and propose elements to enrich the Draft Constitution, reinforced by broad participation,’ the head of the Cuban mission in Venezuela noted.

On the other hand, he said that the schedule set up for the debates will conclude on October 15, and considered that the process has been rigorous.

‘It is worth pointing out how a large number of collaborators who render their services in places far from urbanizations came to express their criteria and contribute to enriching the Draft Constitution,’ Polanco underlined.

He added that the proposed additions and reforms mainly deal about the extension of the minimum age to be the country’s president (60 years old in the Draft Constitution) and the extension of the two five-year consecutive terms for the president and other top government posts.

Other comments deal about the strengthening of the State’s role as a guarantor of the fundamental rights, the forms of property, the management and planning of the economy, salaries and the recognition of same-sex marriage.

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