Venezuela advances despite US blockade

Caracas, Jan 24 (Prensa Latina) Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro acknowledged Sunday that despite US coercive and unilateral measures, the South American country has managed to come ahead.

On his social media accounts, the Venezuelan president pointed out that it was a complex period in the face of difficulties caused by the brutal US attack on its domestic economy and its population.

In this regard, he said, ‘the criminal US blockade does not stop us, we will overcome it with courage and dignity.’

Maduro stated that, aware of problems and impacts caused the US blockade, the Venezuelan people are still in resistant and victorious.

During 2020, despite the tightening of Washington’s hostilities, the Bolivarian government worked to protect the income, health and staples of each of the affected Venezuelan families.

In the same way, some strategies are outlined to ease the negative effects caused by the US aggressive policy, including the approval of the Anti-Blockade Law as a forceful response, which will pave the way for Venezuela´s foreign investment to improve its domestic economy.

Some experts assure that the investment opening will guarantee Venezuela´ development and economic growth, while reducing the negative US impact on domestic economy.

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