Venezuela Addresses Complaint on Duque Assassination Attempt


Venezuela’s Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza speaks during a meeting with accredited diplomatic teams in Caracas. | Photo: Reuters

The Venezuelan foreign minister will request Colombia make the information concerning the detention of 3 Venezuelan citizens public.

Dec 30 (teleSUR) The Minister of Foreign Relations of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza, informed that his government intends on cooperating in any investigations related to the possible assassination attempts on Colombian President Ivan Duque.

Venezuela Requests Extradition of Maduro Assassination Suspects

This Saturday, the complaint about the assassination attempt was communicated by the Colombian Foreign Minister Carlos Holmes Trujillo.

Holmes Trujillo announced through a video on social networks that “intelligence findings from investigations started many months ago concerning possible attempts on the life of the president … this is added to the recent capture of three Venezuelan citizens found in the possession of weapons which increase the concerns held by the authorities on the subject matter.”

Jorge Arreaza M@jaarreaza

1/3 A partir de la denuncia del Canciller de Colombia @CarlosHolmesTru , hemos estado intentando contactarle para ofrecerle la cooperación policial y de inteligencia necesaria, con el fin de investigar su denuncia sobre presuntos planes para atentar contra la vida de @IvanDuque39018:49 – 29 dic. 2018Información y privacidad de Twitter Ads858 personas están hablando de estoInformación y privacidad de Twitter Ads

“1/3 As a response to their complaint, we have tried to contact him to offer the necessary police and intelligence cooperation, with the aim of investigating their complaint regarding presumed plans to attempt against the life of Ivan Duque.”

The Venezuelan foreign minister indicated he would request the Colombian authorities for the information concerning the detention of three Venezuelan citizens made public by the diplomat with the aim of initiating an investigation of the matter.

Jorge Arreaza M@jaarreaza

3/3 Esperamos que esta necesaria cooperación policial sirva también para que se investigue y capturen en Colombia a los responsables del magnicidio en grado de frustración contra el Presidente @NicolasMaduro del pasado 4 de agosto.57018:49 – 29 dic. 2018Información y privacidad de Twitter Ads1.037 personas están hablando de estoInformación y privacidad de Twitter Ads

“3/3 We hope that this necessary police cooperation also serves so that the parties responsible for the frustrated assassination attempt against President Nicolas Maduro on Aug. 4th are investigated and apprehended,” stated Arreaza.

On Aug. 4, when President Nicolas Maduro attended a military event in the capital of Venezuela, two drones carrying explosives, which presumably had the aim of assassinating him, were shot down by security personnel frustrating the plan.

Twenty people have been detained for this act and the Venezuelan opposition senator Julio Borges has been attributed the responsibility for carrying out this act. He is currently residing in Colombia and is considered to be a fugitive of his home country on grounds of being the person who planned the attempted assassination.


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