US violates human rights with blockade against Cuba

Beijing, Mar 24 (Prensa Latina) China on Wednesday denounced that the United States economic, financial and commercial blockade against Cuba, and the sanctions against Venezuela, Syria and Iran, are a flagrant and systematic human rights violation.

A report from the Information Office of the Council of State (cabinet) noted that those coercive policies infringe the guarantees of the people of those countries, because they hamper their full socioeconomic development and access to products to meet their basic needs.

It condemned the tightening of these measures amid the Covid-19 pandemic, which threatens human life, health and welfare, and called for joint work and global solidarity to overcome it.

‘The unilateral sanctions worsened the humanitarian crisis (…). They made it more difficult for the sanctioned countries to purchase the much-needed medical supplies on time,’ the so-called white book noted.

The text recalled the international demand against Washington’s hostility and said that on April 30, 2020, United Nations advisors on human rights warned about the danger of its permanence for medical cooperation.

‘Experts called on the United States to implement UN resolutions, lift the blockade against Cuba and remove the measures that prevent the purchase of drugs, medical equipment, food and other essential goods,’ it highlighted.

It also referred to the requests made by UN rapporteurs and other officials to reverse Washignton’s punishment against Iran, Venezuela and Syria.


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