US Venceremos Brigade Preparing Trip to Cuba

New York, USA, Jun 22 ( Prensa Latina ) The Venceremos Brigade, with activists from different parts of the United States, is preparing its next trip to Cuba, to be made in July, despite recent restrictions imposed by Washington.

Malcolm Sacks, one of the coordinators of the initiative, told Prensa Latina this year the Brigade is celebrating its 50th anniversary and it is expected that 200 people will be part of the solidarity expedition with Cuba to demand the end of the US blockade.

It is very important now that the most diversified group coming from the United States can see and know the Cuban reality, that’s why the members of the brigade come from some 20 States, from different generations, races, gender, professions, religions, class…, he explained.

Although over the years there have been numerous obstacles to travel to Cuba, those restrictions don’t stop us, he stressed, although we don’t know if the new measures of Donald Trump’s administration will bring us more problems when we return from Cuba in August.


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