US Senator in Favor of Lifting Blockade vs. Cuba

Matanzas, Cuba, Feb 23 (Prensa Latina) Senator Joseph Scarnotti, Republican leader of the Pennsylvania Senate, United States, said today that there is much to do between his state and Cuba, as asking the federal Government to lift the blockade.

During a press conference, Scarnotti said that there are bilateral business opportunities, for example in the exploration of gas and oil.

‘In the United States we are one of the largest (states) buyers of liquor and spirits, and we are losing with the absence of Cuban rum’, said Scarnotti.

He said that last year in Pennsylvania the population purchased $147 million USD in rums, nevertheless none of the trade brands were from Cuba.

Scarnotti led a delegation from Pennsylvania, which visited the province of Matanzas today, and was welcomed by Lourdes Sarmiento, vice president of the People’s Power of this province.

Sarmiento told the delegation that the province of Matanzas has benefits such as the renowned Varadero beach (north) and the Cienaga de Zapata swamp (south), with abundant high-quality water and productive soils.

She said that significant economic sectors include tourism, oil extraction, power generation and agriculture, as well as important achievements in the social fields: education, sports and public health.

During the meeting, former senator Jim Ferlo, president of the development program for the two cities, said that this movement has as its main actions the fight for the lifting of the blockade and the elimination of the Torricelli Law.

‘The territory of the naval base of Guantanamo belongs to Cuba, therefore, the Government (of the United States) must give it back,’ said Ferlo, who considered that the visit of this delegation to Cuba is historical.


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