US Presidential Hopefuls Advocate Better Relations with Cuba

Washington, Jun 15 (Prensa Latina) Several democratic presidential hopefuls have expressed their interest in improving relations with Cuba, and have rejected the increased hostile policy implemented by Republican President Donald Trump.

Of the 20 and so political figures running for the presidential nomination of the Democratic Party for the 2020 elections, Senator Amy Klobuchar has been the most active in relation with Cuba, at times when the Trump administration has reversed the rapprochement initiated by previous president Barack Obama.

The Minnesota lawmaker reiterated her support for lifting the economic, commercial and financial blockade successive US administrations have maintained for almost 60 years, in statements she made last month to Prensa Latina.

‘I led a bill to lift the embargo (blockade), and I believe that is what we have to do; more than 50 years of a failed policy do not necessarily mean another 50 years of the same failed policy,’ she said then.

On Friday, Klobuchar announced she had led a group of 12 senators who sent a letter to secretary of Treasure, Steven Mnuchin, and of Commerce Wilbur Ross, rejecting the administration’s hard line on Cuba.

Among the signatory there were two presidential hopefuls, Bernie Sanders, who is the second most popular among Democratic pre-candidates after former vice president Joe Biden, and Elizabeth Warren, who’s coming third in the polls.


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