US Politicizes, Manipulates Human Rights Issue, Cuba Denounces

United Nations, Nov 1 (Prensa Latina) Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez charged on Thursday that the United States Government is crudely manipulating and politicizing the universal desire to guarantee human rights to all people.

It has done so by submitting amendments to the resolution ‘Necessity to end the economic, commercial and financial embargo imposed by the United States of America on Cuba’, which the United Nations General Assembly is debating at this session, said the Cuban minister of Foreign Affairs.

The purpose of this action is to adulterate the nature and the core of the resolution against the blockade, which has been approved 26 times by this Assembly: now the US representation wants to fabricate a pretext to continue to tighten the siege, he stressed.

A shameless memorandum, circulated by the US Department of State, noted that the amendments ‘are intended to address the underlying reason for the embargo’ and that Cuba’s actions threaten the Sustainable Development Goals, he said.

This is a real mockery of the General Assembly, said the foreign minister, who referred to how Washington tries to hinder the voting on the resolution calling for the end to the blockade by presenting eight amendments in a ‘dishonest trickery’ to create confusion, abuse of time and cause fatigue.

Cuba is willing to talk about human rights and sustainable development at any body, at any time and under any relevant agenda item, and encourages dialogue and cooperation on those issues, the foreign minister noted.

However, the US Government has no moral authority to criticize my country or anyone else in the field of human rights, he added.

Rodriguez recalled that the US government is responsible for crimes against humanity: it used the nuclear weapon against the civilian population, it develops weapons of mass extermination, it starts a new arms race, and it militarizes cyberspace and outer space.

It also established military dictatorships and organized coups d’état; in fact, with its wars in recent years it has caused millions of deaths, the minister stressed.

The Cuban minister denounced the extrajudicial executions, kidnappings and torture, as well as the prisoners who are in a legal limbo, without defense, courts or due processes in the naval base of Guantanamo, which the United States took from the Cuban territory.

Many US citizens lack access to health care and education, while the impunity of the gun lobbies continues, homicides increase and equal opportunities are a chimera in a government of millionaires that imposes savage policies, he underlined.

‘Amid the opulence of that country, 40 million of its citizens live in poverty and 52 million in impoverished communities. More than half a million sleep on the streets,’ Rodriguez said.

The differences in income between white and black families, the wage inequality between women and men, the discrimination against Latinos, African-Americans, migrants, refugees and minorities, and the exclusion of the vote due to low incomes are trends in the United States that worry the world, he said.

The US Government builds walls, separates immigrant parents from minors, even small children, and locks them in cages: meanwhile, it is part of only 30 percent of the human rights instruments, he questioned.

In addition, Rodriguez said, Washington does not recognize the right to life, peace, development, security, food or children’s rights. ‘We cannot be surprised that it has left the Human Rights Council.’

Therefore, the foreign minister stressed, Cuba rejects the repeated manipulation on the issue of human rights made by the current US administration for political purposes.

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