US people would welcome aid from Cuba if the blockade were lifted

Washington, Apr 3 (Prensa Latina) The American people would benefit from Cuba’s experience in the battle against Covid-19 if the blockade were lifted, asserted New York activists in a letter sent to the Congressional Black Caucus.

At a time when the number of infected and dead people in the country -converted into a world epicenter of the pandemic- is soaring, Dr. Rosemari Mealy and attorney Joan Gibbs are asking for the promotion of emergency legislation for access to Cuban medicines of proven efficacy such as the Human Recombinant Interferon Alpha 2B, used with good results in China.

Mealy and Gibbs, whose work focuses on developing legislative, local and national strategies in the mobilization efforts to end the US blockade against Cuba, urge the Caucus in their letter to take immediate action during this pandemic.

It is ‘an appropriate time to raise the issue of respect for Cuba’s sovereignty and to reverse the draconian anti-humanitarian policies of the (Donald) Trump administration’, they suggest.

In their letter, the solidarity activists also recognize ‘Cuba’s biotechnology industry, especially in the area of research and production of pharmaceutical products’ and list successful ‘vaccines for eye infections, lung cancer and more’.

At the same time they reiterate that the organizations IFCO-Pastors for Peace, Cuba Si -NY, the National Network on Cuba and many other groups in the United States ‘will continue to demand the repeal of the Helms-Burton Act, the elimination of the blockade and the end of the travel ban’.

They also regret that the issue of relations between the two countries has regressed in decades in the Trump era.

In turn, they called it ‘shameful’ that Cuba is criticized for sending trained doctors around the world to relieve the pain and suffering of the people, while the United States sells weapons of mass destruction to other nations.

In a call to African-American legislators, Mealy and Gibbs recall that 175 American doctors were trained at Cuba’s Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM).

These young people, they say, are now part of the frontline army of health professionals who are contributing their services to the battle against the pandemic across the country.

About the situation in New York ‘it is terrible and it will get worse because there is no leadership from this president and the Republicans’, Mealy told Prensa Latina.

More than 6,098 people have died so far in the United States, 228,933 others are actively sick, she point out, but ‘the only concern (Trump’s) is the stock market and profits instead of people,’ she deplored.

The pandemic, for the people of this country, represents the latest disaster of capitalism, she concluded.


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