US observer endorses legitimacy of elections in Venezuela

La mayoría de los factores y variables que pueden incidir en el evento electoral del próximo 6D en Venezuela, muestran un comportamiento que debe favorecer el triunfo del chavismo. Foto: HispanTV

Caracas, Dec 5 (Prensa Latina) Former United States presidential candidate Gloria La Riva has assured that no one can doubt the legitimacy of the parliamentary elections that will take place in Venezuela on Sunday, December 6th.

La Riva, who arrived in this country to participate as an international observer in the elections, stressed in statements to Prensa Latina that the National Electoral Council (CNE) was transparent throughout the process in each of the phases of the schedule, which they certified in audits endorsed by national and foreign experts.

‘The problem is that the United States does not recognize any of the good things achieved in this country and they have dedicated themselves to instructing the opposition, those who order where they have to stand in and where to step off, the right does what the (U.S.) governments want,’ she stressed.

The media war is very strong, the big press lies, exaggerates and the worst thing is that nothing is known about what happens here if it is not through them, who talk about the economic situation but do not mention the real cause; they blame everything on the Bolivarian Government, La Riva pointed out.

She recalled all the inconveniences that Venezuela went through over two decades due to aggressions, media campaigns and coercive measures imposed by the administrations of her country.

As for the achievements of the Bolivarian Revolution, she mentioned the missions, the social projects that are maintained to date despite economic limitations, and the relationship consolidated all this time with Cuba.

The renowned US politician, who follows closely everything that happens in this country and in Latin America, expressed her confidence that the Venezuelan people know how to decide their fate at the polls and vote to preserve the revolutionary project started by Commander Hugo Chavez 20 years ago.


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