US: Minnesota Authorities Willing to Cooperate With Cuba

Minnesota's senators met with Cuban diplomat Miguel Fraga in Saint Paul, Minnesota, U.S. October, 2018
Minnesota’s senators met with Cuban diplomat Miguel Fraga in Saint Paul, Minnesota, U.S. October, 2018 | Photo: Twitter/@Miguel_Fraga_79

Minnesota Senate Health and Human Services Policy and Finance Committee will consider the legal petition.

May 19 (teleSUR) Minnesota’s legislators requested on May 18 to Congress and state authorities, to facilitate the collaboration with Cuba due to the island’s progress against COVID-19.

Minnesota senators Sandra Pappas and Patricia Torres Ray requested Governor Tim Walz to intercede before the Health Department to collaborate with Cuba, given their successful response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

According to the resolution presented by Pappas and Torres, Minessota citizens could benefit from the Cuban experience coping with the pandemic and other agencies to investigate the potential of association with the island to obtain crucial assistance and expertise that will benefit the state’s residents amid the health crisis.

Legislators also referred to Cuba’s drug Interferon as one of the most effective in the fight against the virus. The Health and Human Services Policy and Finance Committee of the Minnesota state senate will consider the legal petition.Alejandro García del Toro@AlejandroIGT · Replying to @AlejandroIGT

Even as far as Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. And these accounts have worked together to try to obscure the well-documented exploitation inherent to the Cuban medical program”.A so-called “Global Engagement Center” is trying to destroy our Truth, but they will fail.@YairaJRRodneyGlez@RodneyGlez

No doubt it’s an assymetrical war the one waged Vs #Cuba. The #US uses all tools @ their disposal, including pressure over digital social media, to smear Cuban medical cooperation cuz Island can reach with its humanism places & people their military bases cannot/#CubaSavesLives2Twitter Ads info and privacySee RodneyGlez’s other Tweets

Resolution SF 4619 also calls for U.S. Congress to cease its hostile policies towards Cuba. As it states, the blockade and sanctions have severely prevented scientific and medical cooperation between the U.S. and Cuba. “The coronavirus has created a global pandemic that requires international cooperation to defeat it,” legislators stated.

Minnesota authorities formerly expressed their willingness to cooperate with Cuba. In 2017, state vice-governor affirmed her office would keep trade and commercial relations with Cuba, despite Trump´s aggressive approach to the island. Besides, the Cuban government repeatedly expressed its will to send medical brigades and assistance to the U.S. if needed. 

So far, the U.S. has registered 1,552,140 COVID positive cases, 92,063 deaths, and 358,906 recoveries.

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