US Lawmakers Introduce Draft Bill on Agricultural Exports to Cuba

Washington, May 15 (Prensa Latina) The Engage Cuba coalition and groups from the US states of Arkansas and Colorado expressed their support for the introduction of a draft bill to expand agricultural exports to the Caribbean island.

US Senators John Boozman and Michael Bennet said on Tuesday that they had submitted the Agricultural Export Expansion Act (S.1447), in order to remove restrictions to private financing for US agricultural exports to Cuba.

‘These restrictions are arbitrary and serve no purpose other than hurting our farmers and the Cuban people,’ Engage Cuba President James Williams said in reference to the limitations that force Cuba to pay in cash and in advance for US products.

‘As US producers across sectors struggle with sluggish markets and Chinese tariffs, it’s time we move this bad policy out of the way of our farmers, who deserve to be able to compete on equal ground for market share in Cuba,’ he added.


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