US journalists and bodies condemn attack on Cuban embassy in USA

Washington, Apr 30 (Prensa Latina) US organizations and journalists have condemned the attack against the Cuban embassy in this capital, and called for carrying out an in-depth investigation.

Surprised and grieved for the shooting at the Cuban embassy in Washington D.C. and relieved that no one was hurt, Emily Mendrala, executive director of the Center for Democracy in the Americas (CDA), said on Thursday.

In a message posted on CDA’s Twitter account, Mendrala stated the incident ‘eerily recalled her a sad and violent past for Cubans and Cuban-Americans in the United States.’

‘US authorities should condemn these acts and guarantee that the rhetoric unites rather than divides,’ the CDA director stressed, arguing the investigation should be quick and thorough.

The Working Group on Cuba, in turn, also posted on Twitter that its thoughts ‘are with the Cuban Embassy staff during this distressing moment.’

We pray this event does not represent a comeback to past political violence, so we urge the US State Department to issue a strong condemnation, the CDA added.

For her part, Gail Reed, editor of Medicc Review magazine, expressed on Twitter that what really happened in the Cuban embassy is a reflection of where the US President Donald Trump policies lead to.

Did someone shoot outside the Cuban embassy with an assault rifle? This is where Trump´s policies lead to, not only against black people or immigrants, but also against diplomats of countries that the US has previously attacked with hatred, he said.

While the Cuban embassy in the United States is being attacked by unknown gunmen with assault rifles, the Trump administration is tighting its war against the Cuban people, journalist Ben Norton said.

Norton denounced that Washington is tightenning its unjust, criminal blockade against Cuba almost 60 years ago, and is even ‘stealing medical supplies coming from China.’


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