US Interference in Cuba Denounced at International Forum

Havana, Jan 31 (Prensa Latina) Canadian writer and journalist Arnold August denounced in Havana on Wednesday, at the 4th International Conference for World Balance, the US interference policy against Cuba, which was part of Washington”s hostility in the region.

In statements to Prensa Latina, the essayist warned that Donald Trump’s government insists on its aggressiveness towards Cuba, which includes destabilization and manipulation.

The United States is currently leading a political war against Cuba, different from the ideological war of the previous administration, that of Barack Obama, but the essence is the same, specified in the Havana Conventions Palace, where the four-day forum that culminates Thursday is taking place.

According to August, slander and lies continue around CubaÅ› reality, with arguments like there is no elections and no democracy.

It is a scenario that is part of the U.S. attempt to control Latin America, where the White House is the enemy of progressive countries and seeks to destabilize their peoples, he stressed.

The Canadian writer, a passionate about the Caribbean island and its people, said that despite the United States government’s anti-Cuban hostility, there are many voices in that country against the economic, commercial and financial blockade, a blockade that has been in force for almost six decades.

There are also sectors in the northern nation, including tourism, that are pressing for better bilateral relations, he said.

For August, one of the strengths of the Cuban Revolution to confront hostile policies from Washington is the commitment of the youth and their willingness to defend the process begun on January 1, 1959.

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