US Groups Ask Trump to Continue Normalization With Cuba

Washington, 17 Jan (Prensa Latina) Several US organizations sent today a memorandum to President-elect Donald Trump to urge him to continue normalizing relations with Cuba.

In the text titled US Politics to Cuba: the case of the commitment, the signatory institutions point out the advantages of continuing the rapprochement with the island and the possible negative consequences of reversing that course, spelled out the organization Engage Cuba.

According to that group, which promotes better ties between the two countries, the memorandum was sent to Trump after his nominee as Secretary of State Rex Tillerson announced that the policy changes with the Caribbean country will be examined.

In the document, signatories affirm that a close assessment will confirm constructive engagement – including the reduction of trade and travel barriers – as the best strategy to boost US employment and exports.

According to organizations such as the Cuba Study Group, US-Cuba Business Council, Latin America Working Group, National Foreign Trade Council and Engage Cuba, progress towards normalization is the greatest opportunity to reduce irregular migration and improve border management, among other benefits.


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