US follows strategy to subvert Cuba

Havana, Mar 20 (Prensa Latina) US-financed groups are seeking to subvert Cuba’s revolutionary process, following a four-stage strategy, national television revealed.

The plan aims at requesting a dialogue with the government in May, 2021, materializing that meeting, awaiting a response by Cuban authorities (in November) and, finally, staging a general strike, in December, to demand a new constitutional referendum.

According to the source, they are handling these ideas and proposals under a high level of compartmentalization.

It recalled that two groups are seeking to become the opposition leader in Cuba: those who participated in the San Isidro sham (a false hunger strike to denounce alleged abuses by authorities) and those who call themselves 27N (who staged a media gathering in front of the Ministry of Culture on Nov.27, 2020).

Contradictions between both groups are very strong for several reasons, including the desire for prominence and knowing when, how and who will send the money to each one and what they will do with those resources, according to the report.

It referred a recent secret meeting of those groups, of which they only posted a photo showing, among others, Maykel Osorbo, known for calling for US military intervention in Cuba, and Luis Manuel Otero, who improperly uses national symbols as ‘art.’

The meeting, sponsored by Tania Bruguera, was attended by several 27N reporters who depend on US money, according to the report

It warned that those groups focus their proselithizing work especially on feminist movements, animal protection groups, the LGBTQ community, race activists, religious organizations and counterrevolutionaries.


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