US Finances Subversive Actions in Cuba

Washington, Oct 23 (Prensa Latina) As part of its subversion plan against Cuba, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), attached to the US Government, allocated almost four million dollars in 2017 to attack the socio-political system on the island.

The NED was created in 1983 by then President Donald Reagan and is linked on numerous occasions to operations by the Central Intelligence Agency.

According to its latest annual report, quoted by website of the Cuba Money Project, the foundation gave 125,000 dollars to the Cuban Observatory of Human Rights to monitor the alleged violations in the country, in order to be used by the international community against Havana.

For the same purpose, it donated 85,000 dollars to the International Platform for Human Rights in Cuba, 90,000 dollars to the Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba and 100,000 dollars to Human Rights.

The list of the media and related NGOs that were financed last year to attack the Cuban Revolution include the Diario de Cuba website, with 220,000 dollars; the Cuban Institute for Freedom of Expression and Press, with 140,000; the Press and Society Institute, 60,000; and CubaNet News, 225,000.

The NED also provided high figures to groups of the so-called ‘civil society’ that openly seeks to overthrow the socio-political system, and are considered mercenaries by the Cuban government.

Among these are the Center for a Free Cuba, which received 105,000 dollars; the Simone de Beauvoir AC Leadership Institute, with 100,000; and the Center for International Private Enterprise, with over 193,000. Through Christian Solidarity International, more than 66,000 dollars were channeled to train ‘religious groups and civil society activists.’

Other programs included 55,000 dollars for those who define themselves as independent filmmakers, 24,000 to give legal coverage to alleged activists and almost 68,000 to ‘promote a public debate about a transition in Cuba.’

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