US failed in its attempt to subdue Cuba, Bruno Rodriguez states

Havana, Jan 19 (Prensa Latina) Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez stated on Tuesday that the United States Government has failed in its attempt to subdue the country through the implementation of around 240 hostile measures.

The foreign minister pointed out on his Twitter account that the Donald Trump administration, in its quest to undo the foreign policy legacy of the previous executive, led by Barack Obama and with Joe Biden as vice president (2009-2017), has attacked Cuba with ‘particular cruelty and backed by a fierce smear campaign.’

According to Cuban authorities, the escalation of aggressions had an impact on all sectors of the economy and society, and focused on the tightening of the economic, commercial and financial blockade.

According to the latest statements by officials of the Cuban Foreign Ministry, obstructing Cuba’s sources of income, creating a situation of ungovernability within the country and hindering relations with the United States were among the objectives of these coercive measures.

Some of the provisions implemented by the White House at this stage included the prohibition of cruise trips, as well as regular and charter flights to the entire country, with the exception of Havana, as well as making it difficult to send remittances.

Likewise, Cuba’s banking and financial operations are persecuted, and there are 231 companies on the List of Restricted Cuban Entities by the US State Department.

The measures against ships, shipping companies and companies linked to the transporting of fuels, provisions against senior leaders, in addition to the inclusion of the country in arbitrary and unilateral lists, complete the picture.


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