US experts praise strength of Cuban health system

Havana, Cuba, Dec 8.- US academics said during a conference in Havana that they are interested in collaborating with Cuba in the field of degenerative diseases in senior citizens given the strength of its health system.

University of California´s Bruce Miller said that the cost of the treatment of dementia in senior citizens are much higher in the United State that that the fight of cancer. The specialist made his statement prior to a conference by Global Health Institute on the reduction and the impact of dementia in the world.

The vice-director of the Cuban Neuro-Science Center, Pedro Valdes, expressed his gratefulness to the University of California and the Trinity College of Dublin, Ireland, for having selected Cuba to host the scientific forum.

Thanks to the reestablishment of diplomatic relations between Havana and Washington exchanges like this one will become more frequent and at higher levels, the specialist noted.

One of the goals of the Global Health Institute is to train future leaders in brain health, who treat dementia in vulnerable segments of the population.

The conference, running till December 11 at the Havana institution, is being attended by director of Mental Health at the World Health Organization Shekar Saxena; the honorary vice president of the Alzheimer International Association Daysi Acosta, and the director of the Center for Research on Aging Humberto Arencibia.(acn)

Radio Cadena Agramonte, December 8, 2015

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