US economic blockade of Cuba hinders tobacco research

5484-rompiendo-bloqueo[1]Research aimed at obtaining new varieties of tobacco are hindered by the restrictions imposed by the US towards Cuba for over half a century.

Anayansi Cuellar Gonzalez, Director of the Tobacco Research Institute located in San Antonio de los Baños in Artemisa province told AIN News Agency that the measure impedes the island from purchasing products and necessary reagents to begin studies and on site tests.

This situation forces us to negotiate in other countries with an extra cost due to freight prices inflicting occasional delays said the director.

Cuellar added that the cruel policy deprives us of advanced technologies that are patented by US subsidiaries that could humanize the work of the farmers and increase production.

The tobacco specialist recalled that the laws of the blockade are very severe and impedes academic exchanges and visits of Cuba experts to international congresses in the US.

Statistics of the Tabacuba Firm indicate that imports of merchandise, materials, packing, spare parts and others required in the mechanized cigarette and cigar industry cannot be brought in the US.

That is why the Cuban economy lost over 133 million USD. Cuba could commercialize some 170 million Premium Cigars to the US markets if Washington´s economic, commercial and financial blockade would impeded these sales.

Currently, Habanos has 27 brand names totally elaborated by hand distributed in over 150 countries, except the United States.

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