US Domestic Disputes Trigger Hostility toward Cuba

Havana ( Prensa Latina ) The United States tightens its blockade on Cuba, using it as a spearhead against the island, a hostile policy that generates rejection among Cubans.

Gerardo Hernandez, a member of the National Assembly of People’s Power, believes the US Government is distracting American public opinion from the focus of its internal problems by focusing on other countries.

We see a large number of internal problems the Trump administration has, scandals, judicial accusations, litigations and investigative processes. And yet, it is very easy for them to divert public attention and redirect it to other scenarios, Hernandez, a Cuban National Hero, told Prensa Latina.

According to Hernandez, Deputy Dean of the Higher Institute of International Relations and one of the so-called Five who served long harsh sentences in US prisons, this is a dangerous and unpredictable administration which has worked to reverse the rapprochement with Cuba began by his predecessor Barack Obama in December 2014.

The tightening of the economic, commercial and financial blockade – imposed on Cuba almost 60 years ago – has been a constant in Trump’s policy since coming to the White House.

Over the latest months, actions have focused on the application with harsher force of the Helms-Burton Act, an initiative in force since 1996 advocating regime change, based on tools such as economic asphyxiation.

Another anti-Cuban front in Washington is the persistent use of the term attacks to refer to alleged health incidents reported by U.S. diplomats in Havana, even though science does not endorse such accusations.

It is no secret that the Cuban and U.S. people would benefit from a rapprochement between both countries, so what is happening is against most Americans’ will,’ Cuban MP said.

In the case of Cuba, as long as Trump continues to listen to people who belong to the anti Cuban industry of hatred, we will never let our guard down, the cuban Hero also asserted.

Hernandez, who along with Ramon Labañino, Rene Gonzalez, Antonio Guerrero and Fernando Gonzalez was sentenced in the United States to severe penalties for defending Cuba from terrorist actions, was concerned about the rising threats against leftist governments in Latin America, especially Venezuela.


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