US Congressman Highlights Cuban Approach of Health as Right

Washington, Sep 25 (Prensa Latina) US Democratic Congress man Danny Davis said that Cuba has been able to adopt the concept of health as a right and, at the same time, to bring that principle into practice.

In the midst of the debate in the US, about health care, the representative for Illinois told Prensa Latina that the topic has always interested him, and sees it as a matter of right and not of privilege.

‘Cuba has not only embraced this concept, but has been able to implement it,’ said the legislator, who recalled having had wonderful experiences in the medical area during trips to the Caribbean island.

He recalled that on different visits he was interested in topics such as outpatient care and its development, in addition to strategies against HIV and AIDS.

He also learned about diabetes treatments and how to reduce amputations related to that disease, alluding to Heberprot-P, a unique Cuban drug of its kind worldwide against diabetic foot ulcers.

According to the congressman, the Greater Antilles has had a high degree of compliance in the principle of health care.

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