US Company Hopes to Sell Wines in Cuba

Havana, Oct 2 (Prensa Latina) The US company Wine World Inc. (Import Distribution Logistic), shows its wish to market its wines in Cuba, as it was expressed by their representatives at a major meeting on those products held here.

During the 16th International Wine Festival at the National Hotel in Cuba (October 1 to 3), delegates of the firm assured that it is the first time a US company participates in this meeting, which is attended by more than 10 wineries especially from Europe.

Wine World presented in this festival high-quality wines from California, Oregon, New York and Washington, clarified the participant from that company, Raul C. Neyra.

He added that during this meeting they expect to know how to do business with their counterparts in Cuba, seeking to reach an agreement with one or more local distributors to sell in the domestic market.

He added that their stand at the National Hotel shows three samples of wine varieties from 16 different wineries, from the aforementioned regions.

He insisted they have quality wines at reasonable prices, with which they are seeking to establish themselves in this country officially, with an office under the registration of the Chamber of Commerce of Cuba.

World Wine Inc. is a U.S. wines, liquors and beers distributing company, provider of sales and logistics for medium and small size importers, wineries and spirits producers, headquartered in Miami, Florida.

In the list of participants there are producing and commercializing companies such as Euro Cuba, Ibero Trust Markets, Export Duprasa and Tobia winery.

Many US companies expressed their wish to have dealings with Cuba, but the final result of these aspirations depends on the government of his country, starting from the lifting of commercial and financial restrictions enacted by Washington against Cuba.


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