US Business Leaders Show Business Interest with Cuba

Washington, March 9 (Prensa Latina) Business leaders from different US states voiced their interest in strengthening business ties with Cuba and searching out Cuban business openings.

Company executives from different sectors participated in a telemeeting with Arkansas Rep. Rick Crawford and Engage Cuba President, James Williams, to debate on the new prospects of exchange between both nations.

The lawmaker, and member of the Working Group on Cuba in the House, said that lifting the trade restrictions imposed by Washington against Cuba will be quite positive for both nations.

During the teleconference, which was accessed by Prensa Latina, Crawford stressed that the elimination of those restrictions would provide a major impact on US agriculture and on million of jobs related to that sector.

The representative introduced a Bill last January to make it easier for US farmers to sell food to Cuba by permitting them to provide Cuban clients with credit.

Williams said it is time for the US Congress to move forward to the 21st century on the business ties with Cuba, and described the US blockade as a common-sense problem, since ‘no global business would continue carrying out a strategy that has been breaking down for 55 years.’

The Engage Cuba President, an organization that is working on lifting this policy both in the legislative field and seeking support in the different states, recalled that over 70 percent of the US population is in favor of ending the blockade.

Williams agreed with Crawford on the importance of the exchange with Cuba, when pointing out the island as a near and promising market for US food exports.

In addition, he said that Cuba is striving for foreign investment in other areas such as energy, tourism, transport and infrastructure, which could open up new business openings.

Among those interested in such information were different US business leaders from Virginia, Georgia and South Carolina, whose businesses include agricultural marketing, tourism-related products, infrastructure, and even software services.


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