US Blockade to Cuba Attacks International Cooperation

cubaelbloqueoHavana, The permanence of the U.S. blockade on Cuba represented during the last few years significant losses to the international cooperation, as a result of its extraterritorial application.

The United States has long ignored the overwhelming rejection received by that punitive measure in the framework of the UN General Assembly at the price of staying completely isolated defending a failed policy.

The report presented by the island to the mentioned UN request states in its content a series of actions arose from such economic, trade and financial siege that hit many operations in Cuba with other countries and institutions threatened of retaliation with fines imposed by Washington.

The document, which will be discussed by the plenary session of the Assembly late this month, described the Doha Bank refusal to receive the transfer of funds sent monthly by the Cuban government in an internationalist medical mission, which works in Qatar causing problems to the mentioned health professionals.

On the other hand, the Santander Bank in Madrid did not accept for the same reason to act as correspondent entity in transfer issued in favor of the Cuban embassy in Portugal for the maintenance of a Cuban medical brigade.

Cuba also had to pay for accommodation and food of its doctors summoned to fight Ebola virus in West Africa, as the U.S. sanctions hindered attempts by the World Health Organization to pay allowances to the mentioned group, affecting particularly 105 physicians deployed in Sierra Leone.

A bank of Ethiopia currently holds $25,686 USD for the payment of services provided by a group of Cuban professionals participating in Technical and Vocational Education in that nation.

Another example is that of the University of the Cuban province of Sancti Spiritus, which suffers delays in payments to receive from the Angolan government for the study in Cuba of young people from that country.

These and many other cases are illustrative examples of the damages caused to the international cooperation and back the massive support received by Cuba from abroad in its battle to end the unjust blockade.

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