US Blockade Prevents Venezuela From Buying Food, Medicines

Caracas, Jan 10 (Prensa Latina) Venezuelan people go today through economic difficulties due to the financial blockade imposed by US which made impossible for the government to spend 39 million dollars on the purchase of food and medicines.

Due to the inhuman hostility, supported by the national opposition, the international financial system returned to the Venezuelan authorities that amount of money, necessary for purchasing these basic products for the population.

‘For the payment of food and other basic goods, in the third week of November, 23 operations in the international financial system were aborted and 39 million dollars for their purchase were returned,’ the president of the Public Power Commission of the Constituent National Assembly (ANC), Pedro Carreño, said.

The popular deputy denounced that the current economic situation in Venezuela is generated by those sectors of the extreme right to generate anxiety and cause social chaos in an attempt to launch a coup against President Nicolás Maduro.

He mentioned that the risk rating agencies participate in this plan, which increase the negative indexes for Venezuela even when the South American nation has canceled more than 70 billion dollars of its international debt.

‘They intend to declare the country in supposed bankruptcy, and drive away foreign investment in the country,’ stressed Carreño before the approval of the Constitutional Law against the Economic War for the Rationality, Uniformity and Acquisition of Goods Services and Public Works.

The regulation, made up of 20 articles, is the first of contingency to combat speculation, shortages and the huge overpricing of basic products, induced by internal opposition.

The legislation’s objective is to ‘ establish basic rules of conduct for public administration, in all its levels, which promote honesty, participation in the processes of acquisition and contracting of goods, services and public works’, according to the Venezuelan News Agency.

In addition, it seeks to update the mechanisms of public procurement and simplify the necessary procedures, in order to avoid bureaucracy and corruption, the news agency reported.

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