US Blockade on Cuba Hurts Food Industry

Havana, Aug 28 (Prensa Latina) The acquisition of raw materials for the food industry suffers the negative impact of the policy of the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States against Cuba, disclosed here a report prepared by the Foreign Ministry.

According to the research, one of the entities most affected by Washington’s position is the Food Marketing Company (Alimport), whose main mission is to import products destined essentially to the basic basket subsidized and to the citizens’ social consumption.

Alimport is highly concerned with its management of maritime freight, analysis abounds, given the impossibility of having financial resources to sustain or increase purchases of products in the United States.

Although it could be an ideal market due to its proximity, the importing entity is obliged to make purchases in distant places where it can have liquidity from its exports or credit lines granted.

During the period from April 2017 to March 2018, it is estimated that this company registered losses estimated at 3. 533 271 dollars as a result of the need to resort to distant places for the acquisition of demanded products.

The report also explains that the income lost due to the economic siege would have served for reinvestment and the creation of a solid infrastructure in the food sector.

Despite the effects, Cuba is making great efforts to achieve the results reached in terms of food security, thanks to which it is considered the only nation in Latin America and the Caribbean free of severe child malnutrition, according to recent data from the United Nations Children’s Fund.

The hostile US policy against Cuba, which has lasted more than 55 years, receives the condemnation of the international community within the United Nations General Assembly year after year.

On October 31, Cuba will present before this body a draft resolution calling for the end of the US blockade for twenty-seventh consecutive year.

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