US Blockade Hurts Cuban Diplomats in Japan

Tokyo, Nov 14 (Prensa Latina) Japanese media on Wednesday reported the refusal of a Hilton-chain hotel to house Cuban diplomats under the pretext of being official representatives of a nation subject to sanctions by the United States.

According to NHK, the Cuban embassy in Japan and the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed that ambassador

Carlos Miguel Pereira and an embassy official booked a room for October 2 at Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk.

The same day, they planned to spend the night in the hotel, the travel agency told them the facility could not accommodate them for

being representatives of the Cuban government, a decision taken from the headquarters of the hotel group, NHK says.

The Cuban embassy in Tokyo highlighted the fact as further evidence that the U.S. hostility against Cuba does not respect borders and offends the sovereignty of other countries.

The Cuban ambassador denounced in front of the Japanese media the Hilton management’s decision to extraterritorially apply the

regulations of the economic, commercial and financial blockade in violation of the Japanese sovereignty and laws.

The diplomat told Prensa Latina that this irregularity occurs due to the ignorance of Japanese laws and sovereignty, in addition to violating the Vienna convention to protect diplomatic agents.

Main Japanese media, among them Asahi Shimbun newspaper and Noticias 24 news channel, among others, reported almost simultaneously the incident occurred on October 2.

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