US Blockade against Cuba Is an Act of Economic Terrorism

New Delhi, Jun 22 (Prensa Latina) The US blockade policy against Cuba is an attack against Cuban independence and an act of economic terrorism against its people, said Indian journalist Shakir Husain in New Delhi on Saturday.

In an interview with Prensa Latina in New Delhi, Husain said that the United States invests too much in hostile acts in Latin America and behaves like a restless criminal, seeking total domination and trusting that its brutal militarism will not be defeated.

‘Those who surrender to their whims and serve their interests can expect to live in relative peace but must forget their independent decision-making power,’ he warned.

Washington – he said – created a network of lackey states to show how other countries should behave or destabilized them through economic warfare, internal sabotage, sanctions and blockades.

In Latin America, Husain added, the United States seeks absolute police powers to enjoy their habitual illegal behavior. He wants to politically coerce governments and have his armies as Pentagon clients.

Their economic objectives can only be met if American corporations are free to steal the natural resources of each region, and when a country like Cuba defies its hegemony, the White House considers it an insult and an act that undermines its attempts.

For U.S. rulers, he asserted, international treaties, regional or bilateral agreements are only respected as long as they serve their desires for military, economic and cultural domination, and it is ready to violate laws and drop treaties as soon as it finds they do not serve its colonial and hegemonic schemes.


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