US blockade affects patients with heart disease in Cuba

US blockade affects patients with heart disease in Cuba

Camagüey, Cuba, Feb 10 (Prensa Latina) The US blockade against Cuba is affecting medical attention at the Manuel Ascunce University Hospital in Camagüey city, which is in charge of treating patients with cardiovascular diseases, its deputy clinical director, Angel Miranda assured on Wednesday.

In statements to the press, he explained the difficulties faced by the institution’s personnel, who are committed to preserving health in this province, located 540 kilometers from Havana, with a population of almost 800,000 inhabitants.

‘The placement of pacemakers and other implantable devices, such as automatic cardiodesfibrillators and resynchronizers, is difficult, especially due to the need to buy and transport them from distant markets in Asia and Europe,’ the expert referred.

The US commercial, economic and financial blockade interrupts the link between the two countries, which are very close geographically, from the medical point of view.

The specialist recalled that the United States is the most advanced power in this type of equipment.

Cuba has repeatedly denounced to the UN the effects of the blockade, which denies access to much-needed medical supplies, even amid the current Covid-19 pandemic caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.


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