US Blockade Affects Cuban Mining Production

Havana, Oct 20 (Prensa Latina) Imports of raw materials for the production of salt and gold in Cuba get more expensive every year, by increased freight rates up to 30 percent, due to the blockade of the United States, it was reported today.

If it were not out by the prohibitions of Washington, we could buy those things in places nearby, because there is availability in US territory and other neighbouring markets, added the director of logistics of Geominsal, Leuris Sanchez.

According to the representative of the business group Geominsal, the financial impact by concept of freight amounted more than 344,000 dollars last year to count only three lines with a view to the manufacture of salt for human consumption and the obtaining of gold dore.

There is also the problem of the times, a product that could arrive in the country in just two or three days, when less it takes two months, as imports come mainly from Asia and Europe, said the engineer.

Neither the group has access to U.S. technologies in the field of mining, which are considered among the best in the world, he recalled.

Geominsal has among its main offers carbonate of calcium, zeolite, sand silica, chrome, lead, salt, sand for the construction, gold, magnesite, bentonite and cosmetics, outlined Sanchez in dialogue with the press.

In accordance with the government of Cuba, the damage of the blockade to the sector of energy and mines in the country amounted to more than 106.35 million dollars from April of 2015 to equal month of 2016.

This amount represents an increase of 61 266 000 17 dollars if we compare it with the impairments recorded in the similar period of 2014-2015, said the document placed in the hands of the General Assembly of the United Nations.

Major damage relapsed on the activities of the branches energy, oil and of the nickel, corroborated the document.


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